Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to translate your website into other languages?

Currently our reports and website are being available in English and hindi. Once the website is online in these languages, we consider translating it into other languages. However, these languages need to be carefully chosen for several reasons:

a) Translating the website is quite elaborate and costly. It involves the translation of hundreds of pages of text and complex software resources.

Therefore we can only translate into languages which offer a reasonable market for our products.
How accurate must I be?
The more accurate you can be, the better. There are a number of techniques which require precision up to the minute. Even a computerised interpretation can change entirely from one minute to the next, for example if the Ascendant changes signs.
But these occasions are relatively rare, and usually it is sufficient to have precision of about 15 minutes for the birth time and around 30 kilometres for the place of birth.
Which place do I have to enter - my birth place or my place of residence?
Always use the birth place to calculate a birth horoscope. If additional information is required, there will be a note saying so. Remember: a birth chart is based on the moment and place of your birth!
What is a chart or horoscope drawing?
A horoscope drawing (chart) is a map of the heavens and shows where the Sun, Moon and planets were at a particular time and place. Originally, the term meant "View of the Hour", and showed the distribution of the heavenly bodies around the Earth at a given moment, seen from some point on the Earth.
This "view of the heavens" is the basis for any astrological chart interpretation. It has become common practice to call the actual interpretation of a chart a "horoscope". 
What can astrology do for me? What are its limits?

This is what astrology can offer you

  • a deeper understanding of yourself, your partner, your child ...
  • clues on your strengths and weaknesses, on challenges and chances in your life ...
  • a closer look at life cycles and topics which are relevant at a certain point in your life ...
Which house system is the best to use?
House systems are a matter of the personal taste of the Astrologer. We cannot give advice on this choice. There is no right or wrong. It"s more a matter of experience with different systems.
How do I select a payment method?

Please put the item you wish to order into your shopping cart by clicking on the respective 
"Order it" links in the AstroShop. Then enter the necessary birth data and your address. After entering your address, you can select the payment methods on the page "Payment options". Please follow the instructions carefully in order to allow quick and uncomplicated processing of your order.
In case none of the offered payment methods should suit you, you can cancel your order at this point. 
Is the Relationship Horoscope only accurate for love relationships or can it also be applied to other kinds of partnerships?
Even if our Relationship Horoscope and other partner-related horoscopes are written and worded for love relationships, they can still be applied to other kinds of close human relationships, e.g. in families, among non-couples living together or for work place human relationships.
The reader has to transpose the text in his/her mind, to translate the love-related expressions to a more general relationship context. The principles which are active between two particular persons remain however the same.
I have not received my order yet. Can you send it again?
It is our practice to wait for three weeks for the order to arrive at its destination. If you haven"t received your order after three weeks, we will send it again.
Is it possible to cancel my order?
No, unfortunately, you can"t cancel your order once it has been placed. Please find more information in our